Silver Leaves Edition 231

On the first day of term, last Wednesday, just before 3pm, the school’s settlement agent rang through to let the school know that settlement had just taken place on Lot 60, Roland Road. Along with a few others who whooped with joy, Jo Blundell was in the office at the time. It was fitting that someone who had started the first “Silver Tree” playgroup at her home should be on hand to receive the news that the school was now a landowner. It is a significant step for the school. Congratulations to all who have been a part of the journey.

Please download and read PDFicon09/02/2011 Silver Leaves Edition 231

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2 comments on “Silver Leaves Edition 231
  1. Jay Crisp says:

    Dear Karley and Kevin, Lily and Ben

    Could you please get in touch with us at school on the email address above? We would like to send you an invitation to be with us as we have our first official celebration on the new school site.

    Kind regards

    Jay Crisp

  2. Karley Isaksen says:

    OMG Jo!! I can’t believe it! Silver Tree are landowners after all these years. Congrats and a big hug from Karley Kevin Lily and Ben – gald to have been a small part of the journey

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