Procedures & Forms

Silver Tree Steiner School Policies

STSS Anti racism and discrimination policy 2017 v6

STSS Asthma Policy 2018 V5

STSS Behaviour Management Violent or Aggressive Behaviour Policy v5 2017

STSS Bullying 2017 v2

STSS Child Abduction Policy and Procedure V3 2016

STSS Child Attendance Policy V7 2017

STSS Child Protection Policy 2017 v8

STSS Code of Conduct for Staff, Contractors and Visitors 2017 v4

STSS Contractor and Volunteers Guidlines v3 2017

STSS Critical Incident and Emergency Management Procedures September 2017v2

STSS Discipline Policy (Student Code of Behaviour) 2018 V3

STSS Dress Code Policy 2017 v5

STSS Enrolment Policy 2016

STSS Excursions Camps and Water Based Activities Policy 2016 Version 5

STSS Family Court Orders and Violence Restraining Orders Policy and Procedures V3 Oct 2017

STSS Fire Management and Evacuation Procedure November 2017 v5

STSS Food Policy v3 2017

STSS Gifted and Talented Policy V3 2017

STSS Head Lice Policy v5 2017

Head Lice Fact Sheet

STSS Mobile Phone Acceptable Usage Policy V4 2018

STSS Off Site and Home Visit Policy v5 2017

STSS Pastoral Care Policy 2017 v2

STSS Photographs, Videos and Digital Images Policy 2017 v4

STSS Playground Supervision Policy v5 2017

STSS Privacy Policy v4 2017

STSS Records Management V4 2018

STSS Safeguard for Students Policy 1 v4 2017

STSS Sun Protection Policy v4

STSS Values Statement 2017 Version 6

This document details how Concerns, Grievances and Complaints are handled within the school.


FORM STSS Concern and Grievance Report

This document covers Anaphylaxis, Communicable Disease and Pandemic Management plus the process for the administration of medication to students.


FORM STSS Medical Instructions from prescribing doctor-2

FORM STSS Student Medication Request


Absentee Notification Form

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