Silver Tree T-Shirts

Please see our on-campus Silver Blossoms Shop for all kinds of goodies such as clothing, organic cleaning products, toys, art materials and more.

Silver Blossoms is open on Tuesdays 8.30am–10am and Thursdays 2pm–3pm.

You can also purchase Silver Tree adult and children’s t-shirts and other apparel such as hoodies, long sleeved and women’s fitted tops online through our Red Bubble store.

Red Bubble handles the printing and shipping and all proceeds (after costs) go to our School.

The Red Bubble prices are a little higher than what Silver Blossoms carries, but they offer a wider variety of styles and can produce 1-offs if we run out of t-shirt stock. Note that the stock we hold in-store differs from the styles and prints available at our Red Bubble store.

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