Silver Leaves Edition 305

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Things have settled down beautifully at school. The children appear happy and eager as they wend their way to their classrooms. We have started the year with many new children and families. Welcome to all of you and we look forward to getting to know you in the coming year. Our enrolments bring us to 197 children including playgroup. There are 85 full time children attending from Class1 – Class 7. We have had an increase of 76 students since last September. This is extraordinary and better still is the news that our waiting lists are filling. We even have an enrolment for 2016! Making sure we are keeping ahead with building plans is obviously one of our key missions for this year. The Planning and Development group is now meeting weekly. If you believe you are able to contribute please feel that you are able to join the group. You can speak to Peter Grant, Marijanna Smith, Craig Walton or me if you are able to help out.

Our days are sunny and hot ones: in fact scorching at times. And with this brings an acute awareness that we need to be vigilant and prepared during the worst time of the year for fires. Our school has an evacuation plan which involves parent participation. I would like any parents who live close and can be available during the day to put their names onto our register to help with evacuation if needed. Could you call Kim at the office if you are able to assist. I would like to add another ten cars to the list I already have. Please also be aware that days that are rated Catastrophic are days when the school will be automatically closed. We will alert parents via email and phone the day before if this is the case. Of course communication is vital at all times in a school. If your details have changed please ring or drop in to tell Kim.

Deb Williams,
School Administrator.


Calendar of the Soul

Myself in my aloneness I must feel. 

What if I did not love? Then would there be 

No bridge to others. I would live in fear. 

Love leads me to flower, star and tree, 

To rushing river and to people dear; 

If I am lonely, only love has the power to heal. 

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