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Fee Schedule 2017

Silver Tree Steiner School is a single stream, co-educational Primary School catering for children from Mothers Group, Playgroup and Kindergarten to Class 6. Silver Tree is a caring, vibrant and growing school with an emphasis on developing the whole child through the head, heart and hands. The school is set in a natural, picturesque bush-land environment in the Perth Hills.
The Silver Tree Steiner School is situated within a beautiful bush setting. It provides a sanctuary of safe play for children and an oasis of peace and friendship for parents.


Silver Tree Steiner School aims to keep fees as low as possible whilst maintaining the highest quality educational experience for all students.
Our fees cover costs that are an integral part of the curriculum, giving every child at the school excellent learning resources.

Our fees are inclusive of cooking lessons and all materials, including books, art and writing materials.
Kindergarten fees are inclusive of a morning tea, which, where possible, is organic, biodynamic or locally sourced.

Camp fees are charged separately and are often supplemented by class fundraising. Specialist excursions such as archery and rowing may incur a small cost.

A Pentatonic Recorder is required in Class One and Class Two and a Diatonic Recorder for Class Three to Class Six. Recorders are supplied by the school and added to your invoice at $111 each.

Children from Class Four to Class Six will choose a string instrument – either a violin, viola or cello. This instrument is purchased by parents and our music teachers can guide you through this process.

A once-off application fee for each student is payable when the completed application form is submitted. There is no Application fee for Mothers Group or Playgroup. This fee is not refundable.

A once-off enrolment fee is payable on acceptance of an offered place from Kindy 4 to Class 6. This fee is not refundable nor is it deducted from school fees.

In first term, a once off Building Levy of $150 is charged per family.

Applied from Class 1. One Terms fees are held by the school until student leaves either by finishing Class 6 or giving one terms notice of withdrawal. Please see withdrawal of students for more information.

Holders of Concession Cards are entitled to a discount of 20%. A copy must be given to the office upon application.

There is a sibling discount of 8% for the second child, 16% for the third child and 24% for the fourth child and subsequent children. Sibling discounts do not apply to Mothers’ Group, Playgroup or Kindy Care.

PARENT PARTICIPATION SCHEME – 5 Hours per Term or $400 per year
Each family is encouraged to volunteer their time to assist Silver Tree Steiner School to keep our costs down. A family may choose to perform 5 hours of general volunteering, join a committee (if elected) or pay the Parent Participation Scheme charge of $400 per year. This does not apply to Playgroup or Mothers Group. Ask for more information regarding PPS at reception.


All payments with PaySmart can be spread evenly across the year on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

Fees for Payment Plans –

  • Setup Fee $5.50 per family. This is a one off fee
  • Weekly $1.30
  • Fortnightly $1.95
  • Monthly $2.95
  • Dishonour $15.00

Fees that are not paid after initial reminders will be followed up by a debt collector. All debt collection fees are payable by the family.
If tuition fees remain outstanding at the end of a term, the school reserves the right to suspend or terminate your child’s enrolment.
You are invited to make a tax deductible donation to the Silver Tree Building fund, which will contribute to the growth of facilities available for your child. Building Fund: BSB: 633 000 a/c # 140 071 069


A period of one term’s notice of withdrawal is to be provided by completing and returning the Exit Form to the office. The form can be found on the school website.

A term’s fee will be charged if the exit form is not provided one term in advance.

If a student is withdrawing at the end of a term, notice must be provided by the end of week one of that term. If the student is withdrawing mid-term, a total of 10 school weeks will be incurred from notice of intention to withdraw.

All enrolments are subject to review at the end of the first 6 weeks. If at or before this time parents and or/or the school decide that the child should be withdrawn, the family will be charged only for the 6-week period. No discussion will be entered into if the school decides that the child should be withdrawn.

For further information on payment of fees, please contact our Bursar on bursar@silvertree.wa.edu.au.

695 Roland Road, Parkerville, 6071. Phone: 9295 4787
e-mail: welcome@silvertree.wa.edu.au

The schedule below sets out full tuition fees and does not take into account any concessions.

School Level Fees Includes Annual Fee
Kindergarten 4 Tuition Fees, Materials, Morning Tea $2,377.50
Kindergarten 5 Tuition Fees, Materials, Morning Tea $3,673.50
Kindergarten 6 Tuition Fees, Materials, Morning Tea $6,017.50
Class 1 Tuition Fees, Cooking, Stationery, Materials, Pentatonic Recorder $6,080.00
Class 2 Tuition Fees, Cooking, Stationery, Materials $6,057.50
Class 3 Tuition Fees, Cooking, Stationery, Materials, Diatonic Recorder $6,080.00
Class 4 Tuition Fees, Cooking, Stationery, Materials, Strings Program $6,769.50
Class 5 Tuition Fees, Cooking, Stationery, Materials, Strings Program $6,769.50
Class 6 Tuition Fees, Cooking, Stationery, Materials, Strings Program $6,769.50
Mothers’ Group $120 morning per term
$150 afternoon per term No application or enrolment fees apply to Mothers’ Group or Playgroup
Playgroup $150 per term

Fees, charges and terms are subject to change without notice.

Silver Tree Steiner School
(08) 9295 4787
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