Last Wednesday, 3 visitors from the Department of Education Services visited the school for 5 hours where they discussed the 12 areas of compliance that need to be met for the school to keep its registration. This process is very thorough and for our school involved sending the department 6 large files full of information about policies, curriculum, financial matters, strategic plans and current statistics on enrolments, staff and operating times.

The visitors met with the chair of the board, our bursar, registrar, learning support teacher, maintenance and OH&S officer and I as well as conducting a walk around the whole site.

By the end of the visit, they said they would make a recommendation of three years registration to the minister and no other substantial recommendations for action or change were made. Three years registration is considered a very good result for independent schools.

Much attention was focused on the school’s Bush Fire Emergency and Evacuation plan and our approach was given the thumbs up. The school will revise the procedures and update the school community before the start of the bush fire season.

Thanks you to all involved in presenting the school so well. Especially Karen Adams, our Bursar who put together 5 year budgets and other financial statements that gave the Department much confidence in our long term financial health.

Pilgrim’s Class Play

Last week’s play by the Pilgrims was a delight to watch. A special feature of school plays is the chance for children to tell a new narrative about themselves. It was inspiring to see children being brought out of their comfort zones and rise to heights that moved the audience and their classmates alike. Well done to their class teacher, Yvette and all the parents who helped out.

I would also like to publicly thank Parkerville Children and Youth Care for their generosity in allowing the school to use their hall for our school plays.

Bruce Lee

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