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Last week, I had the opportunity to join 2 of our primary classes doing Eurythmy. The image I took from that, apart from the excellent work Nicole Peterson was doing with the children was how lively and bright the children are. Their lack of cynicism and their ability and willingness to receive what is given cannot be underestimated and it is this receptiveness that makes teaching children such a pleasure. Long may we defend childhood and its open gesture.

Of course, the flip side of children being so receptive is that they need to be seeing adults who are striving to present their most aware, healthy selves. Through the ages, this ability to present such a healthy self has been difficult because there are always ongoing pressures and the urge to respond to the “small me” is great. As adults with the responsibility of raising children, the life task is to be the “big me” that is striving to be the adult for our children through our actions with each other. A lecture I read recently highlighted the point that if there is nothing else we do but strive to be present to each other and show gratitude for whatever we receive, be it good or bad, we can make a huge positive difference to our relationship with each other and the world.

Thank you to our staff, parents and friends for all they bring and their constant striving!

Information Evening

Next Wednesday night, an information/discussion evening will be held at school in which the upper primary curriculum and the transition to high school will be discussed. Anyone is invited to attend. It will be especially useful for parents of Wayfarer and Pilgrim parents who want to get a better picture of the journey ahead. See details inside this issue.


As I wrote last week, today is Jay’s last day in the office. On behalf of the school and the many parents, staff and children that have watched her weave her friendly, organised magic, in a variety of ways, THANK YOU JAY.

Jay has been training Kim Holland in the finer aspects of the job this week. I appreciate the offers of help to fill the vacancy until we fill the position permanently. Kim Holland is a parent of children in Kindy 5 and Class 2. She brings a wealth of experience and will be striving to fill Jay’s large shoes.

Bruce Lee