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This Sunday is the first week of advent. Jo has written about ways to celebrate this cultural tradition in her Early Childhood section. If advent is a time for stillness, reflection and gratitude then it couldn’t come at a more frantic time of year! This challenge to step back from the hype of the festive season could be used as an antidote to the manic phase of the year and as a source of freedom. Please feel free to submit ideas/suggestions on how you  personally are creating space for stillness.

TALK TONIGHT – 7pm at the school

The Silver Tree Steiner School is holding an information session on

1)    the upper primary curriculum and

2)    the Perth Waldorf/ Steiner High School

Special guest speaker will be Mark Phillips.  He is an experienced primary teacher currently completing his second primary school cycle and is in charge of teacher training in WA.

The school hopes the evening will provide parents with the chance to get some clarity and ask questions about the journey through the curriculum into the upper primary (especially class 6 and 7) and general information about the high school experience.

To School on Time

Please endeavour to get your child to school on time. For classmates, it is very disruptive to have a child come in once the class is settled and the day’s pattern has become. Also, imagine if you can, how confronting it is for a child who enters a class that has already gone through the meet and greet stage, both informally outside and formally inside and is now settled.  Missing these stages and still wanting to enter into the class often leads to disruptive behaviour (“look at me!”) or a withdrawn manner (“notice me”). Teachers try their best to integrate latecomers but that is not conducive to a smooth rhythm.         A teacher is on duty from 8.15am each morning so aiming to be at school soon after that allows a healthy, unrushed transition from car to classroom. The bell rings at 8.30am.

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