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A warm welcome to everyone for 2012. We are especially pleased to welcome a number of children and their families to playgroup right through to the Pilgrims class which has now become the senior class in our primary school.

Hopefully the summer break was a lovely time of both rest and ‘re-creation’. On the first day strains of “it wasn’t long enough” were contrasted by the children’s joy of greeting one another and seeing the school looking so bright and shiny for the first day. Sean Burke, a former teacher at the school was the guest speaker at the staff in-service. He presented a summary of a book of Rudolf Steiner’s lectures. It was a stimulating way to start the year for all the teachers and assistants.

The Primary school welcomed the new class one children at our opening assembly. As each child was brought through an arch made by their parents holding hands, we saw the future emerge. Thank you so much to Jo, Marisa, Sharron and Tonia who last year nurtured the pre-primary children and prepared them for their primary journey. Having watched Anna start to work with these lovely young people, I know that they are Class 1 ready and raring to go.

The innate will and desire to learn that we strive to strengthen in Steiner schools lives in these children. Their will to learn makes it such a pleasure for a Steiner teacher because they don’t have to drag the children to “work” but is able to offer “work” to the children and see them eagerly receive it with thanks.

Already the teachers have scheduled their parent nights. See calendar on the left. These evenings are very important for allowing parents a glimpse into what the children are doing and a chance to bond with other parents who can often support one another as their children go through a myriad of changes which provide parenting challenges from cradle to the grave!

It is expected at least one parent will attend these events which are usually held each term. Please see your class teacher if you cannot attend so that another time can be made to discuss the class curriculum and your child.

May this year be a wonderful journey for us all.

Bruce Lee
School Administrator