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Today marks the end of half days and the beginning of full day attendance for our class one children. Already the two classes have integrated well, with each Class 2 child acting as a buddy for one or two Class 1 children. Their journey into the world of letters and numbers and all the other components of this rich curriculum will be touched upon at the class parent night this Friday at 7pm.

Stories and thanks are listed later in this newsletter about the establishment of the playgroup building but I must extend the thanks of the whole community to the many people who welcomed a building last Monday and ensured it was operational and a pleasant place to be only a week later! Teething problems exist and they will be ironed out but even after only a week, the room with its kitchen and bathroom as well as the garden with its lawn, garden beds, swings and sandpit are a little sanctuary that will be a place of beautiful memories for both mothers and children. All three playgroups now have a waiting list so the new building is a much needed addition to our growing school.

Recently while reading, I revisited the term “bring to consciousness” which I hadn?t contemplated for some time. In the context of a Steiner school, the term relates well to what Rudolf Steiner urged a teacher to do in all their work with children. Before any activity with the children, he indicates that a teacher should have already brought to consciousness what and why they are doing something. “Is it of value to the child?” This is very different than following a popular fad, following orders or doing what has always been done. This requires contemplation and thought beforehand so that when the teacher stands before the class, the teacher is presenting what authentically “lives” in him or her. The authentic behaviour of a teacher resonates well with children and so what is presented will be more valuable to them. Of course this is the ideal way in which we all could live and so beside our teachers, we all continue to strive….

The Silver Leaves is the main way in which the school communicates with the community. We continue to publish paper copies of the newsletter because we believe that ensures the best exposure to a wide audience in each family. However, the newsletter is also emailed out to families (let the office know if you are not receiving one by email) and can be viewed at the school web site. If you don?t feel you need to receive a paper copy please let the office know or ask your child to politely refuse a copy. There should always be a few spare copies in the office. Take the time to enjoy the articles and school news, try to support any advertisers and feel free to contribute if you have something to share.

Bruce Lee
School Administrator