Please read full version here: PDFicon 2012/02/22 Silver Leaves Edition 270

The beginning of the year is a busy time for everyone at a school but there seems to be a settling occurring that gives us pause for gratitude. To all the staff getting the school up and running again, thank you. Caring for children on hot summer days and having them looking so happy and healthy while still ensuring they are learning is a special talent that is supported by the gesture of goodwill and patience. We are fortunate to have such great staff at Silver Tree.

On the last weekend before term started, a group of parents, teachers and board members attended a “Visioning Workshop”. This was advertised last year and again in a letter and email to all parents during the school holidays. During the workshop we were led by the facilitator, Ben Avery to reflect on our own schooling experiences that had positive and negative impacts and to meditate on the question “What does the land want of us?” This process was very healthy and took us out of the “right, where shall we put the next building?” frame of mind. The second session will be held this Sunday at 10am and I for one am looking forward to what emerges as this group becomes a little more concrete in our strategic planning. If you missed the first workshop but still wish to get involved, Ben is willing to run another one, if the demand is there. Let the office know.

Contained in the Silver Leaves are a number of course and events. I highly recommend the two “Saturdays of Discovery” that are being offer by Rudolf Steiner College. They may be the catalyst for growth along your journey.

Also, next week, sessions are being held to introduce new parents and anyone interested to the school’s Parent Participation Scheme (PPS). We are fortunate to have low school fees compared with most private schools and one way this is maintained is through the PPS scheme. I urge you to get along to a session and have fun with others as we strengthen and grow our community.

Bruce Lee
School Administrator