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Assemblies at Silver Tree

A few years back, I visited the school just as an assembly was underway. The simple, fresh approach of parents, teachers and children standing in a circle, singing together and allowing classes to present some music or dance from their class work was a delight to see. It felt un-staged and natural. So very different than a previous school I taught at where we acted as crowd controllers while the principal, dressed in a black academic robe lectured squirming, unengaged children. (You may know the drill from your own childhood.)

This morning, at our assembly, we stood in that same circle on different land and enjoyed the simplicity of children singing, dancing and playing their recorders. We all said a few verses and sang some songs. We breathed out and shared a moment. Parents are always welcome to join us each Wednesday morning at 8.30am for this lovely event under the shining sun.

A child goes forth each day
And what he sees that day
That he becomes.
– Walt Whitman

A friend who was educated at a rather cold and strict school as a child told me that she was pleasantly surprised when she enrolled her own daughters at the same school. She said, a note was placed in the school newsletter mentioning that a mother at the school had been hurt in a car accident and was incapacitated. She witnessed parents from throughout the school, many who didn’t even know the woman, rally round and ensure a cooked dinner was delivered to the family every night for three weeks while she recovered.

When my friend asked how such a culture had developed when it had clearly not existed before, she was told that at first “a few people did such things and others imitated. Now it is just fun to visit families….. It has become an opening to start new friendships….. Support for families after the birth of a child is the most common event.”

Pilgrims Play

The Pilgrims (Class 5 & 6) are staging their class play next week. For parents of younger children, I highly recommend attending to see a picture of the future. It will be staged at the Parkerville Hall next week Thursday 12.30pm and next week Friday at 6.30pm.

Bruce Lee
School Administrator