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At the most recent faculty meeting, staff did some study and reflection on the meaning of Easter. We felt this was very important to ensure that ways of celebrating the event are authentic and come out of a conscious space. This study may be ongoing and only start to manifest an outcome for the primary school in years to come.

In further reading, I appreciated the following  interpretation by Steiner on the Easter meaning. He indicated that the message of the events 2000 years ago which are celebrated by Christians at Easter is that  ‘the quality that the human soul needs to develop is love’ and a shift in consciousness that occurred at that time, 2000 years ago showed ‘a path must now be followed that is founded on the element of love’. (Rudolf Steiner’s Vision Of Love, 1983)

Visioning Workshop
This Sunday from 10.00 – 12.30pm a third visioning session is being held. The process we have been through thus far has been very helpful in broadening the view of how we can plan for the future. At this third visioning session anyone is invited to come and contribute. The intention is to specifically choose some projects and decide how to make them a reality.

Main areas brainstormed at our last visioning session are listed here but these areas are by no means set in concrete as priorities:

  1. Developing an Adventure Play area in our school using the natural assets already available
  2. Maintain the ongoing support and confidence of parents in the school through networking, parent education and information on Steiner Education and by having open accessible communication channels
  3. Future buildings that meet the school’s needs and are architecturally inspiring
  4. Creating ways that ensure the ethos of the school infuses all aspects of the school life

Anyone attending is encouraged to bring a little something to share for lunch after the workshop. (Not compulsory!) Come and share your ideas.

Bush Dance
The annual P&F Bush Dance last Saturday night was a bit good wasn’t it! Like Alice, I felt like I had stumbled across a new land. Fairy lights and mood lighting, outdoor dining tables, colourful bunting,  country music and a cook off and cake stall made the night special but it was the energy and enthusiasm of the 250+ people that came out made the night such a great time.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped organise and support the night from providing cakes to stacking chairs and unloading hay bales. It is a credit to the P&F and our Community Development officer Hayley that everything flowed so well and the set-up and pack-up was done so professionally! By Monday the land of the Bush Dance was gone and the Silver Tree School had returned, with a few Hay Bales left as a reminder.

Bruce Lee
School Administrator