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The full moon has shone and now we celebrate Easter. Part of the Easter story is the frustration of the High Priests when they saw this popular figure called Jesus going against tradition and the ancient teachings. Talk of forgiveness, loving one another and turning the other cheek were revolutionary at that time and it is easy to see why he was so popular. But saying those things were not enough. We see in the Easter story that he lived them as well! In the end this also frustrated all the people who were following him. They wanted a traditional uprising against injustice but he wanted to show a new way to peace and understanding.

In a way, this reflects the daily struggle that we all have. Do we 1) submit and have others tell us what to do 2) do we oppose what we don’t like through our unhealthy thoughts and actions or 3) do we follow a different path. That different path can be a way of living that shows our thoughts and actions come from a place of stillness and conscious living. It is a life of internal adventure which is full of striving and regular reflection. It is courageous and it is noble.

Fortunately, a strong theme of the Easter story is forgiveness and starting afresh. We need to be reminded of this because none of us live perfectly (the third way) but a message of Easter is that we can start again and thankfully not be doomed for all time because of the harm caused to others and ourselves.

May you have a lovely Easter break.


As I write, the P&F AGM has just concluded. The new President is Taryn Basley (mother of Lilly in K4) and all other positions have been filled. (A more comprehensive announcement will be made next term). It is fantastic to hear that so many people turned up and there was a palpable sense of energy and enthusiasm in the air.

Anything the P&F does from today will be on the back of the hard work of P&F committees of the past. So on behalf of the school, I wish to thank all those people who have given so much in so many ways to support and nourish our community. This year Sherry Bradshaw has stepped down as President after a long, healthy stint as President during some big times for the school. Thank you Sherry.

Following the Bush Dance, the next big project of the P&F is creating a beautiful space outside the P&F shed, restoring the railway carriages and opening the P&F shop and café. All hands in support of that are no doubt most welcome.

Bruce Lee
School Administrator