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“Learning is the key to human development, but it is not a simple, homogenous process. What to learn, when to learn, and how to learn are arrived at through a conscious and careful study of children as well as a comprehensive understanding of the human being through all stages of human development. Teachers strive to help each child eventually to become a clear-thinking, sensitive and well-centered adult.”
— Rudolf Steiner/Waldorf Education (Ed.Brien Masters)

Class plays form an integral part in the life of a child in a Steiner School. Beginning in Kindergarten with the wonderful fairy tale puppet plays children then each year participate in class plays. These plays reinforce the goals of the curriculum, assisting in the child’s development and by helping build a strong class spirit. Each year the plays are unique and often written by the class teacher. Megan has done just this and written the play for her students. ‘Joseph’s Journey’ begins with the narrator introducing the story,

“A long, long time ago in a land far, far away there was a man and a woman whose names were Isaac and Rebecca. They bore 2 sons Esua and Jacob. This is a story about Jacob and his family and the beginning of the people of Israel… My brothers, my father, quickly come listen, A dream I have had while the stars they did glisten…”

The children have responded with enthusiasm, excitement and focus in the class preparation and rehearsals including those at the hall this week.

All students from the school will be present for the play tomorrow and you are most welcome to join us or attend on Friday evening.

We welcome Paddy back to the Gumnut Kindergarten. Paddy recently attended the International Steiner Kindergarten Conference at the Goetheanum in Dornach with 1100 other Early Childhood teachers.

Kind regards
Vivienne Howson