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This week marks the beginning of Winter and the rains of last week have brought relief for the lawns and gardens.  The sky has changed to its winter cloudy coat and the days have distinctly grown shorter and the nights longer as the Winter Solstice draws near.  As we begin this journey to the shortest day of the year, 21st June, it provides us with a time to reflect on the year thus far. I am reminded of people I have spoken with, actions that have been taken and the sense of community that exists so strongly here at Silver Tree Steiner School.  The past two months have been a transition time for the school and I am so impressed by the quality of collegiality and collaboration that exists within the staff, both teaching and non teaching, who have held the school so strongly in their thinking, feeling and willing. ‘Head, heart and hands’.

Have you a lantern to bring to the Winter Festival?
For either the Early Childhood Festival on Thursday 21st or the Primary Festival on Friday 22nd June, you will need a lantern. It is a time to be in action and create the most wonderful lantern ever!  There are many lanterns styles to choose from and most importantly, have fun creating.  Further information will follow as to the details of the two evenings. We ask that if possible only the Kindergarten children attend the Kindergarten Festival and Primary children attend the Primary Festival.  I thank all the teachers for their effort in preparations for one of the most loved festivals of the year.

Creation Committee
With the school now firmly in its new home, the relocation committee has disbanded and now reformed as the Creation Committee. As we grow we are now in a stage to look at the maintenance and projects that call our attention. For this reason we have formed a committee made up of a member from each of the groups that exist within our school to come together and look closely at what the priorities of the school are now. The first meeting will take place this morning and priorities have been sought from the teaching faculty, P & F, marketing, grounds and sustainability to provide a sense of where the school community best places its energies. In the next few weeks we will outline priorities and invite you to engage where you see your skills are best placed.

Later this week, I will be attending the Governance, Leadership and Management Conference (GLAM) in Sydney hosted by Steiner Education Australia. I will join up to around 50 individuals from other Steiner Schools. I will be away on Friday and look forward to sharing the Conference with you upon my return.

There is a talk on ‘The Teenage Years and High School’ with Cameron Eglington and Helen Platell at West Coast Steiner School, Thurs 14th June, 7.00pm. Very relevant for middle and older class parents. It will be inspiring and entertaining.

Vivienne Howson
Acting Education Administrator