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Message from the Board

Dear Staff and Parents, As we come to the close of Term 2, the Board would like to once again thank all staff members who have most professionally and collegially held the school in their good hands and hearts over this transition term. There have been many stories large and small which have shown their depth and love for the school, each other, parents and children over this term. What an amazing team!

Thank you to the parents who have supported the teachers and the administration team with biscuits, a laugh or offers of support. Over the term, many of you have continued to contribute in the varied tasks around the school helping to keep the school running so smoothly.

A very sincere thank you to you all. Our new School Administrator, Deb Williams will begin work in the last week of the holidays and will be at school to greet everyone on Monday 23rd July, the first day of Term 3. Please join us on Wednesday 25th July to welcome Deb at our assembly.


STSS Board Members
Lisa Joy, Helen Platell, John Taylor,
Jenny Hill, Peter Grant and Vivienne Howson


As I observe the young children in the school, engaged in major creative earthworks in the Kindergarten, checking the tomatoes on the vine like young horticulturists, the primary students climbing over the new ropes play equipment and inventing ways to best maintain balance on the ropes whilst dodging balls from their peers, creating beautiful Main Lesson books with writing and drawings that delight the senses, I wonder what these children will take with them into their future?

Last week we had the good fortune of welcoming back one of our students Lachlan Reid as part of his work experience. Under the experienced eye of Marijanna he set to his tasks with a very responsible and positive attitude. He worked hard and paid particular attention to the ‘words and ways of the master’ proving to be a great assistant in all tasks asked of him. Marijanna could not have been happier and before leaving on the last day, young Lachlan shared with me the new experiences he had enjoyed, the skills he had learnt and expressed his desire to return.

On the weekend I met with a past student from the Yallingup Steiner School, Kesta Anderson aged 23. I was delighted to hear of her successes in her business ‘Amore Sorvete Swimwear’ and that in August she will be departing WA to display her styles at the Fashion shows in Miami and New York.

Only a few weeks ago, I read in the Perth Waldorf School Newsletter that Jayden Bastal, a lovely young man who graduated last year, has just won the $3000 Castaways 2012 Sculpture Award.

a child is absent please ensure a note is delivered to the teacher or an email is sent to the school explaining the absence.

The curriculum in Steiner schools is rich and real. It prepares our children in many ways to go forth into the world in ‘freedom’ as Dr Steiner would say, able to reach their potential in their chosen interests with unique talents so carefully nurtured by their teachers. I have been inspired by the three students mentioned above as I have by many of Steiner past students and their achievements.

Our school has been blessed to have the professional and very experienced Marlies working here at our school teaching violin and cello for over five years. It is with sadness that we accept Marlies’ resignation. She will be finishing after the first week of Term 3. I have only the pleasure of meeting Marlies on a few occasions and yet each time I came away from our conversations feeling blessed by her presence. The way she spoke about the children and their music was special and a delight for me to hear. She spoke so beautifully and used words so poetically that it was as if the words were still floating around me after she had left the room. We wish Marlies well with her new life ahead and hope she will return one day and maybe play a tune or two with our students again.

To our teachers who created simply magical Winter Festivals in both the Kindergarten and Primary, thank you. I will be with Deb Williams on the first day of Term 3, Monday 23rd July to welcome our students back to school.

Warmest regards Vivienne

Acting Education Administrator