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It’s 2:00 am and like always the angels have awoken in me the inspirations needed to write. As a Class Teacher I have often anguished over the writing of the Birthday Verse for each child. I would fret that the right verse would never come to life but amazingly these always did. However they always arrived at the strangest time, usually in the wee hours of the morning. In this same way I mulled over what would be in this first newsletter to you all.

My first week was one of many first impressions. I enjoyed the beautiful drive into the hills and my arrival at a light filled space we call the Silver Tree Steiner School. Here I found a quiet serenity and a feeling that this school was loved. Evidence of all this was around me, even though when I arrived there was no human present to greet me.( I love to be early!) I could feel that in this school there lived something we call the soul. This only comes about through what each individual gives to their community. Without anyone present, I could feel that a vessel had been created to care for and to nurture the education of the children.

As those first days infolded I came to know a few staff members and parents. The experience was a very heart-warming and welcoming one. I saw some of the people who help to make this school a community. At first hand I witnessed their joy in the work needed to make this school a fine place in which to work and learn. By the end of Saturday I felt that I belonged to this community and looked forward to a wonderful time ahead.

One of the parents at the weekend busy bee asked me what had attracted me to Silver Tree Steiner School. For me the answer is clear. Although it is something that is not tangible, it is what lives between the bones of the school (the buildings, the pathways, the gardens and the play areas). It is the heart and soul of the school- the Silver Tree Steiner School community. (Parents, children, teachers, staff members and even people from other communities who have been invited to bring along their expertise) Silver Tree is a healthy school and its health is manifested in the enthusiasm and liveliness of all the people who are working together for the good of its children. I find it infectious and something I really want to be part of. It reminds me of a short verse often said at the close of meetings in our Waldorf Schools. It is something we all strive for and is found living at The Silver Tree Steiner School.

“The healing social life is only found when in the mirror of each human soul the whole community finds its reflection and when in the community the virtue of each one is living.” Rudolf Steiner 1898

On a final note:

On behalf of the school I would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to Vivienne Howsen for her work as the Caretaker Administrator during last term and also for her support of me as I take up this work. We are very fortunate to be able to call on such a fine person who is able to guide the school through such transitions.

Deb Williams
School Administrator