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The days go very quickly here at Silver Tree Steiner School. I can hardly believe it is newsletter time again. There is a lovely bustle that goes on all around: beautiful teaching and learning in the classroom complemented with the quiet, cheerful industry of the non- teaching staff and the dedicated parents. Silver Tree is a place filled with joy. There are lots of smiles and I often hear laughter. It is so lovely to hear this as I go about those sometimes mundane tasks related to meeting outside accountabilities.

This week it is census week. I am reminded of a significant census way back in the beginnings of our civilisation when a famous couple took the long and arduous journey into Bethlehem to be formally counted. Thank goodness we only have to count on site and press a few keys these days! For Mary and Joseph, the travelling must have been one of those burdensome tasks that had to be done. For me there is a similarity. Like that journey taken so long ago, something good will come of this work that I am doing. It will be the funding needed to keep our school steady. If we look at it this way, it becomes a positive endeavour.

Other things happening include a fabulous shop and garden and grounds work. I would like to extend on behalf of the school, our thanks to all those who have been involved in the inception and work. This little shop will contribute greatly to the life and community of the school, not just in monetary ways but also in terms of forming good relationships with each other. It was a lovely surprise on Friday to notice all the bark mulching being done on the road side verge at the front of our school. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw so much had been achieved. All this brings both beauty and form to our school’s environment. Thank you to all those parents who have contributed.

The rain is falling now and I am reminded it is still winter. As I look outside I can see our school in all its loveliness glistening like new as the drops wash away the dust. Let’s hope the rain continues for awhile as we really are in need of it.

From The Calendar of the Soul (fourth July Week)

There are flames in me, against all ice and frost, all rain and sleet,

The leaping, dancing fire forces of my heart to give me

light and heat.

Deb Williams
School Administrator