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What is significant about being late?
It is incredibly important for each and every child to feel that they belong. No matter how kind and understanding the teacher is when she/he receives the late child, there is something that hurts deeply inside a child when she/he perceives that they are letting down both their class and teacher that they revere and love. Of course children are far too young to be in control of being punctual. It is the child’s family which must take this responsibility by creating good routines and rhythms at home enabling the child to feel part of the whole.

When students come to class late, it can disrupt the flow of a lesson or the activity. In the Waldorf Classroom often the first lesson is circle where the much of the community fabric of the class is being woven by the Class Teacher. The child is also being woken out of a lovely night sleep and brought back to learning of the day before. Tasks that build memory and new skills with language and numeracy also form part of this work. Coming late can mean that a child is not able to receive the opportunity to participate in the community forming tasks and is also left out of the reconnecting part of the lesson that enables them to progress from the day before.

Aside from all of this is the message that your child is growing up with. Children can inadvertently learn to be late through the example of the adults around them. Punctuality is still one of the key principles to becoming a sociable and collaborative human being.
At The Silver Tree Steiner School we ask that the children come on time to school. If your child is late, please make sure that they come into the office to receive a late note before going to class. School starts at 8:30 am. If your child is absent for any reason a note or a telephone call to the office is required.

Deb Williams
School Administrator

from the Calendar of the Soul
My light is pressed by darkness round;
It is not easy to stay upright, strong and sound!
The Dragon lurking would devour
My shining radiance with his power
But I, remembering how the winter’s Holy Night,
In the darkness shone the Midnight Sun that is the world’s true Light,
Need have no fear of Dragons wild
For I am led by the Holy Child.