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A big thank you

How lovely to have this longer weekend to rejuvenate and contemplate the last part of the Winter Term. This term is often the hardest, being the coldest and darkest time for teachers and their students to come to school and learn. The respite given to us by this extended break will definitely bring lightness to our step and of course a renewed energy and creativity to infuse the learning that takes place in the last few weeks of term. Hopefully parents have also enjoyed the extended weekend with their children and have also found time to rest and relax. I would like to thank the parents for providing this time. It certainly demonstrates deep appreciation of the teacher’s work and role in the life of your child.

Paul Lawrence

Last week completed over 11 years of amazing music teaching for Paul Lawrence at The Silver Tree Steiner School. The teachers and children have invited Paul back to an assembly dedicated to his work on Wednesday of Week 9. Paul has moved his home to be with our Valley family. We wish him well as he embarks on his next journey as Coordinator of Music at Perth Waldorf School.

Happy Fathers day

This weekend we all put aside time to remember just how important fathers are in our lives. Not all fathers are the same and we wouldn’t expect them to be. All fathers are tailor-made for their own children. What is certain is the significant role they play in guiding and fostering the growth and development of their children. Much research has been centred on the importance of fathers and their role. There are some key elements that stand out in those men who are effective fathers. One of the most important roles is fostering the love and respect for the child’s mother. The relationship that both parents share between each other is fundamental to how the child will approach future relationships.

This weekend we celebrate our fathers and remember what they have done for us. Usually it is because they have invested quality time with their children. They have also participated in: Nurturing children; disciplining children appropriately; serving as a guide to the outside world; protecting and providing; and serving as a positive role model. Fathers may not excel in all of these dimensions, but fathers who do well in most of them will serve their children and families well.

Calendar of the Soul.

Bright the sun’s gold rays are streaming;

Streaming fills my soul with light.

Light becomes a sword of radiance,

Radiance flashing in the dark night.

Night is banished. See Love’s sun-rise,

Love’s Sun rising, warm and bright.

Deb Williams
School Administrator.