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Thinking that aligns with what we already do!

The past week has been one of highlighting and validating the significant values that underpin our education. This week in the Education Horizons Vol 12, No2, 2012 a wonderful article called “Music Makes a Difference” by Anja Tait provides a summary of the positive effects music has on academic learning. This report encourages educationalists to start the teaching of music as early as possible because it improves learning by increasing memory and reasoning capacity, time management skills and concentration, self expression and verbal memory.

Last week I also read in the West Australian about some studies of students who were taught mathematics facts largely through the use of technology, particularly calculators. Interestingly those students who had been using calculators longer throughout their education performed lower on empirical tests than their peers who had rarely or if ever had the opportunity to use this device in their normal class learning. The students who did not use calculators demonstrated far more efficient automatic response of basic number facts, and showed a greater understanding and flexibility while working with mathematics concepts.

In these two areas of study we find concrete validation of the education that we value in our Waldorf Schools. Further to this are the findings of psychologists, world- wide who tout a “greener” education for children suffering from learning difficulties such as ADHD and Autism. It seems that gradually people are waking up to what they knew all along, and that is, that there is a great need to preserve childhood and to value what is good and wholesome in education. I am always pleased that this is something our schools have never forgotten.

Safety matters

We ask parents to observe the driving and parking rules of our school. These have been put into place to protect your child from serious accidents. As the school grows we know that there will be issues related to traffic flow and congestion and this will of course form part of future planning decisions. For now we ask all parents to use the drop off points to deliver and collect their children.

  • Please do not park in the turning circle area or in the staff parking areas
  • Please drive slowly

Calendar of the Soul

The silent strength of starlight’s gleam

Is filling my soul with new heavenly might.

In darkness of winter, I woke from a dream

Like a child from sleep in the middle of night.

Now new hope is dawning-strong and supreme,

And declaring, “Go forth out of darkness to light!”


Deb Williams
School Administrator.