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This week started with a visit to the Shire for a local Principal’s meeting. It was good to network with the other schools in the immediate area. Also present were the various people holding portfolios within the Shire. Included in those present was FESA. With all the recent rain we can be lulled into a false sense of security and the idea that we have plenty of water but the opposite is true. However the rains we have had are enough to generate fire load that presents a real danger for the summer ahead which promises to be very dry indeed. It is time we recognise this on our own properties for what we do there can have an effect on our school, in that the area around schools needs to be a buffer against fires reaching schools. Of course the busy bees we have been organising also help enormously to keep our school safer.

This weekend saw our first Sustainability House event.  On behalf of all the school I wish to thank all those who participated in the busy bee and also with the organisation of the weekend event. One hundred and fifty people came through the school and praised the beauty of our school and the wonderful work that has been happening here.

Of course all this can only happen if people are willing to work hard to see things come to fruition. This means a sustained high level of voluntary help. We are passing the pioneering stages of our new school, however, there is still much to be done to strengthen and consolidate what we already have and to build on this. Parents can help the school to be an excellent one by continuing their commitment to their voluntary PPS hours. Without this commitment the school will need to buy in the help which can mean “clipping our wings” in other areas.  In Silver Leaves this week you will see that we are asking for help to photocopy the Music Programme which Paul Lawrence has lovingly built over the last eleven years.  We are blessed to have such a resource but will lose it if it cannot be copied. Also as Trek the Trail and Open Day approaches there are many tasks that need to be done. We often stand back and assume that it will all get done by those people that have always done it. By standing back we can inadvertently burn out these good people. I ask you to dig deep and find it within yourself to volunteer and help your P & F where you can.  Please call Taryn (our P&F President) or Kim and Hayley in the office, or me, if you can help.

On a final but very important note, I would like to congratulate Anna and her lovely class on a fantastic play last week. Anna wrote the play which is an inspiration in itself. It was great to see parents and grandparents sprinkled in amongst the student guests at the day time performance last Thursday.

Calendar of the Soul

Spirits of water, spirits of air,

Weave in the world full of nurture and care

Sons of bright fire and gnomes of quick gait-

All of them speak to me whilst they create:

“Oh, we work within the world for purest joyfulness alone,

But remember please the deeds we do-

they must not pass unknown,

For you free us from enchantment

when you make our life your own.

Deb Williams