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This Thursday closes a wonderful term at Silver Tree Steiner School. Of course it has been my first and in reflecting on the time that has passed, I feel a great deal of joy and a sense of belonging. It is wonderful to be working in such a beautiful setting with an amazing school community of hard working children, teachers, office staff and parents.

Open Day 

The last Saturday before the term starts will be needed to prepare the school for its first Open Day since we arrived on this site. Then we only have the first week of term to get ready for this major event in the school’s calendar. Open Days are traditionally one of the best ways for us to showcase the education that happens here at Silver Tree. It is a great day to view your children’s work .Open Days require a lot of hard work from everyone so that the school shines in its very best light on the day. We hope to attract many visitors who will spread a positive word about Steiner education in the larger community. The side benefit to this work is that it helps us all to work on something as a team and build on the community spirit that already exists here. I urge you all to get involved to make this day a very successful one.


Towards the end of October Karen Adams will be closing her time with us as bursar at the school. She is currently very busy establishing her business PTR Business Services at Stoneville and has found it very hard to wear many hats at the same time. Both Karen and I believe that a healthy school requires bursar services on the school site on a regular basis. Although Karen will be leaving us she will remain as a mentor to the new bursar to effect a gradual and smooth transition and will in future join the Silver Tree Board as its financial advisor. An advertisement will be placed in this newsletter asking for expressions of interest in the bursar position.

I wish you all a happy and safe holiday with your children and look forward to the term ahead.

Calendar of the Soul
From deep in my heart this world I love- 

The green, green hills and the mountains above, 

The sea so blue and the sunlight gold, 

And everything that I behold. 

Deb Williams
School Administrator