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Open Day Sunday 21st October 

Sunday is fast approaching and we are all buzzing around getting prepared for the big event. Whilst we are preparing it is good for us to stop and consider what we are doing and why. What we are doing is showing others what we love to do ordinarily. We are showing what lives in our hearts and confirming to others our commitment to this amazing school. The why is all about developing a strong, healthy and vibrant school for our children. When we say we are open we are welcoming others: parents, relatives, friends, members of our wider community and prospective families. The people who come on Sunday will enter with their senses. Fresh eyes will look closely at our school, ears will listen to the joy of the day, the music we create and the stories told in conversations about our school. Added to all this will be the smells of good wholesome food. The impressions gathered will have lasting effects and benefits for our school for years to come.

I wish to congratulate and thank the parents and staff on their work in preparing our school for this exciting event. I am sincerely looking forward to being part of this first open day on our new site. At the same time I would also like to thank Bronwyn Scallan and Parents and Friends Association for the completion of the hot water project in the Kindy rooms and also the Waste Wise Schools Grant which was given to us during the holidays.

Class 1 2013 

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Anne Marie Mc Shannon to the position of Primary Class Teacher for 2013. Anne Marie is a familiar face at Silver Tree as a parent of three children, showing her love and commitment to the school over a number of years. We are happy to welcome her to the position. Anne Marie will visit Kindy to meet the children of her new class 1 and will meet with the parents in December to discuss the future needs of the class.

Calendar of the Soul
Angels down to me are bending;

Always with me, they are ever caring, tending,

And around me, woven out of love, their flowing mantle they are lending.

I am their child. From out their house of light my soul has wended.

Born of the sun, my seed upon the earth is descended.

Good fruit it must bring forth before my life is ended.

Deb Williams
School Administrator