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Our first Open Day on our own land was a tremendous success. I cannot begin to say thank you enough to all those who worked so hard in both the planning and the delivery of this event. The day was a fine example of people working together for a common goal. I believe the last count of the funds taken on the day was approximately $6000. We also added to our growing and healthy waiting list of future students.

To express our appreciation to you all, the teachers and students invite all helpers to a special afternoon tea on Wednesday 30th October at 3:00 pm

As we go towards Christmas I feel a kind of advent already emerging. It is an expectation that something is coming. Spring brings a natural intuition for us to look ahead and begin with thoughts of rejuvenation and growth. This brings us to what is our planning cycle of the year. Now is the time when we look carefully ahead to our future. We recently had notification from the Education Department that while we do not have a blanket exemption from the compliance to have full time Kindy 5 for 2013 we can operate according to what we believe underpins our pedagogy. Therefore Kindy 5 and 6 access time will remain the same for 2013. However our numbers continue their impressive growth and because of this our classrooms become fuller and the teachers have more children at varying age levels to teach. There will therefore have to be changes made in the Kindy area for 2013. Without the miracle of another Kindy building before the end of the year we are short teaching spaces. I am currently in planning discussions with Kindy Teachers and playgroup leaders about these needs and parents will be informed as soon as we believe we have the right way forward mapped out. The board and I are looking at our building needs and budgeting. We are waiting on Capital Grants Application approval and also a low interest loan to proceed with the next primary building scheduled in our five year plan.

I am developing a pool of teachers, relief staff (also office staff) and assistants. If you are interested in teaching, assisting or relief reception in our school, please forward your intentions and CV to admin@silvertree.wa.edu.au. All teachers must be WACOT registered. Steiner training is desirable. All staff working in schools need their Working With Children Check.

Deb Williams,
School Administrator.

Calendar of the Soul
There once on earth was a Golden Age. 

When veilings of light were a heavenly sign. 

When the secrets of nature were read like a page 

By the people , still wrapped in stars’ shimmer and shine. 

It’s seldom amongst us that the gods can be seen; 

And now there are fewer folks friends to the elves. 

And yet this surging of growth and of green, 

My angel speaks out to the great stars themselves: 

“This child that I guide on the world’s winding ways, 

He once saw your flame and he knows how it burns. 

In the darkness I’ll lead him, through life’s earthly maze 

Till he win his own strength, and the victory earns.”