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We say a great thank you to Karen Adams for her wonderful with work with us as Silver Tree’s bursar. We welcome Dawn Steel and wish her well as she takes up the financial realm of the school’s work. Karen will be around to assist with Dawn’s transition and also will hopefully join the Silver Tree Board in the near future. We wish Karen all the best in establishing her business.


Saturday’s blistering heat (35 ?C) was a timely reminder to begin serious fire preparations for the long summer ahead. Already the grass tops are going to seed and leaves begin to shrivel in the sun. Fodder for a good fire is all about us in the undergrowth of the beautiful forests. As Australians we know how explosive our bush can be with just a little flame, brittle dry scrub and a puff of wind. This is the setting we have chosen to live and work in. Our school is in an area of likely fire danger. Last week the staff and I spent a faculty meeting afternoon with Rohan Carboon planning our fire readiness. The staff and I really appreciated working with Rohan and were also reassured that we were one of the most prepared of all the schools in our district, maybe even in our state. It is imperative that all parents take time to consider the school’s policy and procedures for managing the likelihood of fire in our immediate area. Get to know these procedures well. In the event of a fire we want our response to be timely and responsible. We need you all to know how we will respond should the situation arise.

Deb Williams, School Administrator.


In Spring’s sunlit hour,

My heart is like a flower

Unfolds with great power.

And out into the joyful world

My feeling-forces are unfurled.

All things I love – fire, water, air;

The stones, the stars, the mighty sun,

Plant’s, creatures, people everywhere

For God is in them, every one.