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The highlight of my week so far has definitely been the opportunity to visit Pilgrims at work in their classroom with their very clever and creative teacher, Yvette Ghouse. Their work with angles and protractors reminded me of what Steiner education is all about and the purpose of my own work also becomes clearer. It is essentially about supporting the teaching and learning at The Silver Tree Steiner School. The tasks and activities that I become involved with must all be concerned with this essential aim. At times it is hard in the big scheme of things to stay focussed on what really matters. But do this we must.

This part of the term requires a great deal of everyone. Not only are we dealing with the day to day rhythms and routines but also casting our thoughts forward into the future.

Much planning, discussion and consultation is happening beforehand in order for us to get ready for 2013. On Friday I will meet with the Silver Tree Board to finalise many of the plans for the year ahead. Parents waiting on news about kindergarten, Playgroup and Kindy Care will have greater clarity around what is happening at Silver Tree after this meeting. We are grateful for your patience as it allows us to make considered and appropriate decisions about the way forward.

Deb Williams
School Administrator

Calendar of the Soul

The light that is streaming through air all around,

Which, sparkling and gleaming, now warms the earth’s ground,

Reveals the star’s handwork where flowers abound.

And wondrous and radiant, an Angel I see.

He shines with God’s light and he smiles upon me.

It is I! He it is whom I one day will be,

In my heavenly mantle, from darkness set free!