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Last week saw the planting of the first fruit trees in our new orchard. I am so excited to think I came at the right time so that I could be here for this. Now I too can be part of watching these trees grow and come to fruit in the future, just as I can be to watch and help with the growing of this school.

Our school is now planted here on its site, built by all the loving hands and hard work of our community and over the coming years we will tend and nourish it. This of course takes patience and hard work. If we take this picture of planting we can begin to understand what is needed to grow a school in a healthy way. When we plant we can be rather childlike in our exuberance. We put the plant in and enjoy this experience and then run off to do other things. Often we leave the plant assuming it will flourish. However what can happen is that the plant will go through a very rapid flush of growth and then become straggly and may even fail. Schools can also do this. Now that we have done the hard work of establishing our school on the new site, we need to begin to help the school form. This may at times mean slowing down and taking stock of ourselves: who we are and what resources we have to do it with.

The Board and I met last Friday and have looked at where we are now and what resources we have. Together we have decided that 2013 will be a year of consolidation. It will be a time to put down the roots of the school and strengthen what we have. How we configure our classes is still something we are working on. Such planning processes must be done in a well considered manner and cannot be rushed. Further meetings with the board and with Dawn Steel, our new bursar are needed at this point before a final picture for next year is finalised.

This week I visited Class 1 and 2. The children were receiving a talk given to them by Tim McCabe. We look forward to Tim returning to help us with naming our endemic flora and fauna. He is specifically working with Class 1 and 2 in the hope that this is the first class that has been presented with a Noongar name.

We also hosted a follow up registration visit from Lindsay Usher from the Department of Education Services. He was very impressed with our grounds and maintenance progress. Much of the impression made came down to how hard Marijanna Smith has been working in the area of grounds and maintenance. I thoroughly enjoy working alongside this amazing person who is an inspiration to us all.

Deb Williams,
School Administrator.


Aris’n in full splendour, in power and might,

My Angel is speaking in weaving of light.

Remember your homeland. From heaven you came

To lose its remembrance would make you feel shame.

“In light you were living before your life’s birth.

Now take of the gifts from this garden, the earth.”

“Each day growing stronger; Let Love be your guide.

Your body the Temple where God may abide.”