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Hopefully everyone enjoyed the respite that the mid -term break brought to us last weekend. I know I did! It is such a sensible and healthy thing to do at a time when we find ourselves the busiest. Whilst reading through my books on Advent Celebrations with children, I saw some good advice: Parents should try to get their Christmas shopping out of the way by November 26th so that they are then free to devote their time to preparing their child or children for Advent celebrations. This makes great sense. A rushing and preoccupied parent is really not in a space to help their child live into the spirit and meaning of a true Christmas. It is just over a week to go before we begin to establish our Advent table in our homes and begin these celebrations each of the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. At Silver Tree the children will celebrate with their teachers and together as a whole school. Articles describing Advent will be published in Silver Leaves to help parents who are not familiar with this celebration.

Last week Parents and Friends met on Silver Blossom’s veranda. During this meeting the gift of money to purchase various things for the school was given. Such things as Class 1 chairs, ovens for classrooms and associated electrical work, gardening equipment for busy bees are being financed by their very hard work. We are very grateful for this support.

The Grounds and Environmental Management ( GEM) group also met and discussed a number of important matters regarding the school’s environment and gardens. Obviously as we settle we’d like a number of things greater than our school budget can afford to maintain. It is critical to keep in mind how young we still are and although we are here and looking established, there is still much hard work in consolidating ourselves. These things will come but at the right time. For now the GEM group will be needing the school community to support the Worm Farms. These may fail if we do not have volunteers who will care and feed them. If you can help with establishing a roster over the Summer holidays please call one of your GEM Representatives (Bronwyn or Karen)

The Planning and Development Committee (PADc) will also meet next week to review what has been achieved this year and to plan future priorities. Issues such as sealing the driveway and plans for a gardener will be discussed. We endeavour to plan strategically through this group so that the school stays on target for improvement rather than bouncing from one project to another in a rather adhoc fashion. If you have an idea that you believe should be included, contact a member of the PADc who will table it for discussion. Marijanna Smith, Peter Grant and Karen Brown are members.

Deb Williams,
School Administrator

Drawn out into the sheen, the shine, the glisten and the gleam,

It would be easy to be lost into a dream.

So I must rouse myself and start,

To conjure forces of the heart,

Which live within me truly and will bring

The strength and majesty that make me like a king!

Amidst the glory of the sense-world, everywhere displayed,

In sunlit grove and glen and leafy glade,

In the human heart that rules and reigns supreme!