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Something very magical happened here last Saturday which cannot go by without a mention. Pilgrim boys and their fathers came along to a woodworking class and built a bookshelf for the classroom. How lovely it was to witness the special bond that exists between fathers and sons. I literally caught my own breath and felt my heart swell when I saw one lad hug his father as he shared the joy of this activity. These times are the “stuff of memories”.

And why was I here? Not for the woodwork alas, but for updating my Senior First Aide qualification. About ten of us (including two guests) enjoyed this course provided by Cameron Eglington. I say enjoyed because First Aide is always a wonderful team building exercise as well as providing us with skills to assist others when needed.

Tonight from 5:30 – 6:30 the teachers are providing the parents with the gift of a curriculum journey. This is for all current parents of our school. It will be a great opportunity for parents to revisit what Steiner Education is all about from a whole perspective. Often when we are going from one class to another we lose this sense of what it all looks like. We have provided care for your children so that you may participate. If you have not yet booked in with Hayley please contact her at the office before 3pm today.

Deb Williams
School Administrator.

Calendar of the Soul
Like Swelling waves that flood the land,
A green Spring-tide is surging, streaming.
Saps flow, touched by a mighty hand
Whose force we feel, though dimly dreaming.
God weaves amidst the radiant light.
His helpers work in joyful bliss.
With his creating we unite’
When we, with open hearts, behold all this.