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As the year draws to a close there are questions that you all must have about next year. The Board, our Bursar and I have spent some time deliberating on the way things will go for next year and the one thing that remains constant is the need for consolidation and consistency. It is important for us to acknowledge that we are still in the building phase even though we look very settled on our new site and there is still much to be done. Funds remain tight, therefore there are only certain things that we are able to do. This is not to say that we won’t do what we dream. It just means that we need to take well planned, systematic steps towards our goals and be very firm about staying with our priorities.

Next year what is working well and providing stability to the school will be continued. This includes the structure that currently exists in the early childhood area of the school. Jo Blundell will teach Kindy 5/6 and Paddy Frere will remain teaching K4/5/6. Reita Henderson will continue to come in Fridays for K6. Playgroup will be offered on the same days by the same teachers. Our intention is to offer Kindy Care, however due to compliance constraints this must be led by a qualified teacher. Therefore we are asking for expressions of interest in this position for 2013. Obviously the employment of a Kindy Care teacher depends on the need for such a service. Please call Hayley if you are hoping to use this service during 2013. Next year we will offer the first single stream Class 1. All other primary classes will continue their journeys with their Class Teacher. The music programme is growing with more of the Wayfarers taking up instruments for the first time. Some new tutors will be welcomed into the school to accommodate the new students coming into the programme.

We are still waiting on news about our Capital Grants Application to build the next primary classroom. A multipurpose room for Music and Learning Support is a need for our school and part of our plans for 2013.

Last Friday, the teachers took the parents on a curriculum journey. This was a very successful night. We thank you for your attendance and look forward to more parent information opportunities next year. We received some questions in our mail box from Friday night and these will be answered in a column in Silver Leaves called “The Office Oracle”. Marijanna is placing a red letterbox outside Silver Blossoms for parents to post any and all questions and ideas. We look forward to finding the answers to questions that you may have.

Deb Williams,
School Administrator. 

Calendar of the Soul
The waves of warmth
That strongly through the land are radiating, spreading,
Proclaim that we,
To glorious, golden days of Summer –sun are heading.
“Be filled with light!”
My spirit understands these words which Nature everywhere is showing.
“Let thoughts take flight!”
My heart is told; “Be ever earthbound but be always changing, growing!”