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I trust that the Summer holidays have been rejuvenating and everyone is returning to school with vigour and enthusiasm for the big year that awaits us. Aside from the normal work of making sure that the children receive a wonderful Waldorf Education we have a new building to work on this year. The Planning and Development Group have met to discuss strategies needed to get this work up and away. The office is also going through its own revolution. Craig Walton has been instrumental in modernising our communications and office systems. By doing this the office will be much more efficient and help the school function well as it continually grows. During the next few weeks you will also see some internal changes to the office layout as we endeavour to make the small space work for the administrative team. 

There has been a great deal of work done by many hard working hands during the break. Marijanna has been tireless in her efforts to make sure that the children returned to beautiful buildings and furniture, Kylie and the volunteer gardeners have kept the gardens watered and the worms fed and Hayley has continued her wonderful work of building the enrolments of our school. The busy bee was tremendous last Saturday and really has made a difference to the overall presentation of the school. Our cleaners Bill and Penny have also done more than their usual workload to prepare for the children’s return. On behalf of the school I sincerely thank you all for your extraordinary dedication and commitment.

As our school grows so too does it needs. You will notice an unavoidable rise in school fees. This is due to increasing costs for staffing and resources. The rise will also enable us to cover the costs of new classrooms needed for the coming years. We need two more classrooms and also another Kindergarten within the next two years. Obviously we need to make sure we can afford these learning spaces as the money is not always available to us through capital grants and low interest loans. We also tried our best to plan into the fee structure all extraneous costs such as excursions , cooking and instrumental lessons. Of course there will always be learning opportunities that will need to happen that cannot be foreseen and are too good to pass up.

I wish to congratulate Dawn and John Steel on the good news that they are expecting their third child. Dawn will be taking a year’s leave. Lorraine Loveland will join us as bursar and will be coming into the office on Wednesday mornings. Please phone the office to make an appointment with Lorraine if you need to talk about financial matters with her.

Finally on behalf of the children, parents and staff I would like to welcome all our new children and their families to Silver Tree. We also extend to Anne-Marie and her new Class 1 and their parents our very best wishes for a great start to their new learning journey together.

Deb Williams,
School Administrator. 

Calendar of the Soul
Dear Child of Light, all that you’ve given I won’t forget;
I’ll work each day to build for you a special place
And in my heart prepare a sacred place.
My striving sometimes fails-and yet
I grow a little every day,
And journey further on my way