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It seems that in the past week that I have been asked to answer the same question I have asked myself many times: What is Steiner?

Firstly this is my point of view gleaned from my own experience and it is, like many things in our lives, open to interpretation. For me being Steiner is about meeting human beings with love and respect, tolerance and charity. A Waldorf education is founded upon a deep reverence for the child who comes to us full of potential which we as educators help to unfold. It is underpinned by a comprehensive understanding of child development and what is appropriate for the child at their particular age and stage of development. At times this means that we hold back and wait till the time is right to bring educational experiences.

In the past two weeks I have been required to enter the Class 3, 5 and 7 children into the NAPLAN test that will occur in May. The tests for us are inappropriate and out of sequence with the way we approach teaching and learning in the Waldorf setting. The areas tested will certainly be covered at the right time when the children are ready to receive them. This week our school was lucky enough to have a visit from Sarah Oliver who has been studying NAPLAN as part of her masters. Parents may have attended her talk here on Monday night. The school actively discourages Class 3 participation in the NAPLAN because the type of formal education required of the test has not yet been met by the children of this age in our setting. Because of this the tests can be extremely stressful for the child. However the decision for children to sit these tests lies firmly with parents. In order to exempt your child you will need to fill in and return an exemption form by 7th March and return it to me. The forms are available at the office. I am more than happy to speak with parents who require further clarification about the NAPLAN.

We had recent news about our Low Interest Loan application for our next building and unfortunately we were not successful. This means that the school will need to find this money itself. The Capital Grant we received is 36% of the total we asked for. The fund raising group is being re-formed by Peter Grant. If you can assist please contact him.

Finally, in making way for the new building, the old school bus was moved on Friday. This came after an incredible amount of trial and error and a great deal of time and commitment from someone who, though not a member of our school community, appreciates what we are trying to do here and is keen to help us out. I would like to acknowledge and thank John Handly for his efforts.

Deb Williams,
School Administrator.

Calendar of the Soul


Something new is mounting, growing 

Deep within me,outward surging. 

Seed is ripening, sap is flowing; 

Power streaming, light emerging. 

Fire spirits sparkle round me, warmth and will bestowing; 

“Sing our fiery song of summer strength!” I hear them surging.