Fire on side of road

Image by Sascha Grant

On Wed Dec 1 at 6.30pm, Rohan Carboon, a bushfire safety consultant and parent at our school will present a talk on the Silver Tree Bushfire Procedures.

It will take place in the Primary School Building. He will discuss such matters as:

  • Why the school will be closed on “Catastrophic” Fire Danger Rating Days
  • Evacuation triggers and procedures ( ie the school plan) with encouragement for parents to mirror there own Bushfire Survival Plan to reflect that of the school’s
  • Govt and school policy
  • Bushfire behaviour
  • Human fatalities
  • Building survival
  • Stay and defend procedures (if safe early evacuation is not possible )
  • Learn why the School was evacuated from the recent John Forrest bushfire and why the school would evacuate again.

Also, why parents should not drive to the school if a bushfire is very close to the school.

We hope to see you there!