It is hard not to write or speak without first wanting to say thank you.

Everywhere I turn there are people working and doing right action for our school. Thank you. One day soon, when we are more settled we must gather, look one another in the eye and say thank you! Please know that whatever contribution you have made, it is much appreciated. Our staff has said they are very, very grateful to be in such spacious buildings, in such a lovely place.

Last week the school was kindly visited by an Education Department official who spoke very highly of our school and also made a few suggestions with regard to ensuring the safety of the children. That is why you may be seeing so much orange temporary security fencing.

Car Park
With regard to the roads and car park, I appreciate your patience. With dry weather the roads can be sealed, marked and the water diversions (not speed humps!) can be removed. The engineer’s designs are for vehicles to enter the carpark via the first left turn and travel through the carpark in a clockwise direction.

If you are not parking, proceed past the carpark, drop your child off and then turnaround behind the office. Once the roads are finished, there will be kerbing and signage that would make this much more obvious.

The carpark will be marked with lines and parking will likely be diagonal. I urge you to take care and thank you for your patience.

Call Out
This Saturday, between 9.30am and 1pm there is a plan to landscape the areas near the primary verandas. Much help is needed. If you can come, bring gloves and shovels if you have them.

Thank you.
Bruce Lee
School Administrator

Please read: PDFicon 03/08/2011 Silver Leaves Edition 251