The Silver Tree Steiner School was initiated in 1997 with a playgroup, which through a dedicated group of parents has developed into the wonderful school we have today of over 100 students.

We offer:  Playgroup, Kindergarten and Primary School.

The Steiner curriculum in the primary years is a work of art, thoughtfully designed to meet each developmental age.

All instruction in the primary years – reading, writing, arithmetic, history, geography, botany and foreign language – is presented in an artistic way by the teacher and involves and develops the creative capabilities of the child. Steiner schools educate the whole child, addressing equally the areas of academic study, artistic expression and practical skills in integrated ways.

Through this balanced approach students develop clarity of thought, a sensitivity of feeling and a willingness to work, forming a foundation for balance in thought, feeling and action as adults. At the Silver Tree Steiner School our fully qualified and passionate teachers work creatively to generate a genuine inner enthusiasm in each individual and to cultivate the child’s respect for themselves and others.We meet all the standards required by State and Federal Govt, incorporating teaching methodologies which differ from mainstream schools by interweaving the Government curriculum with Steiner indications.

Parents who visit the school for a tour often report how impressed they are that the classes are so well managed and the students appear so bright and eager. Teachers report no significant behaviour problems or bullying issues and the children have much repsect and love for their teachers and their classmates.

If you are looking for a school that doesn’t use instant gratification and constant stimulation to keep children happy but instead adopts an approach that develops each child’s willpower, creativity and academic ability then Silver Tree Steiner School will undoubtedly meet your needs. Our in-depth curriculum, high expectations around behaviour, care for one another and work ethic ensure children feel nurtured and strengthened by school, not disillusioned and unsatisfied.

For further information see the Enrolment and FAQ pages.

For School tours phone or email Registrar Jay Crisp: (08) 9295 4787

Silver Tree Steiner School
(08) 9295 4787
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