Academic, artistic and purposeful

A Steiner education that enables children to become creative, flexible and responsible world citizens.

Strong, Balanced & Dynamic Education

Silver Tree Steiner School is an independent school offering a dynamic, creative and contemporary educational pathway. Set in the beautiful Perth Hills on a 25 acre bushland property, Silver Tree offers a complete Steiner Education for children from K to Year 12.

The Steiner curriculum focuses on meeting the child year by year at their developmental stage to ensure children engage fully and develop a deep curiosity and love of learning.

At Silver Tree, each child is accepted and valued for what he or she brings, be it artistic or academic ability, physical or social skills. Children are not measured against each other, but against their own potential.

Parent’s Group and Playgroup

Nestled in 25 acres of bushland, Parent’s Group and Playgroup provide time for connection and community. Weekly groups allow you and your child to lose yourself in the joy of stories, seasonal songs and bread baking.


The first seven years lay a strong foundation for all further learning. At Silver Tree Steiner School we provide a warm, respectful and caring early childhood environment, providing an environment for your child to thrive.

Primary School

A rich curriculum delivered through story, art, music, nature science and practical activity awakens and develops the power of imagination in students. During these years, a love of learning is fostered and a solid, academic foundation is built through experiences infused with meaning and feeling.

High School

High School introduces an integrated curriculum of maths, science, humanities, languages, arts, and sports; all of which foster independent thinking and personal initiative. The High School Campus will enable graduates to access this academically rigorous curriculum in the Perth Hills.