Parent and Baby Group

Parent and Baby Group

The Silver Tree Steiner Parent and Baby Group is located within the beautiful bush setting of the Perth Hills. Our unique Parent and Baby Group experience provides a peaceful and welcoming space offering a supportive environment in which to enjoy your baby’s development.

Parent and Baby Group runs from 9am – 11am on Monday mornings during term time.  When you and your baby/toddler arrive, there is the opportunity for you and your child to relax into the nurturing environment with free play – to roll a felted ball, to cuddle a doll, play with some knitted animals and connect with the other children and mums.  This is also a time for parents to catch up with each other, to share news and experiences and have a cup of tea if you choose.

We then gather in a circle on the mat where we sing seasonal rhymes and songs, appropriate to the children’s development. The songs may involve simple gestures and movement. Crawlers or walkers may wander away from you at this time – this is fine. Usually the model of you sitting in the circle and joining in will be enough to encourage them to do the same when they are ready. This is a time of fun and smiles and is usually enjoyed by all the children, regardless of their age and stage of development.

After our Morning Circle we all wash hands together before quietly heading to the table for our shared meal.  This begins with the lighting of a candle and the singing of a blessing. Organic fruit, roast vegetables and other nutritious food is provided. If your child has any special dietary requirements, please let your leader know.

Our shared meal is also a good time for the mums to chat and share their parenting milestones and challenges or ask the Parent and Baby Group leader any questions.  As the meal ends, the children then often have a final play while we tidy the room together.

Throughout the year, our Parent and Baby Group families are invited to join with the Kindergarten and playgroup children to celebrate the seasonal festivals and activities.  This is a lovely opportunity to connect with other families in the school and experience the wonder and beauty of each celebration.

Parent and Baby Group is open to pregnant mums, babies and toddlers under the age of 2. We encourage you to attend Parent and Baby Group without older children, as having the time and space to connect and enjoy your baby or toddler in the Parent and Baby Group environment is truly special.

When your child turns 2, they will be ready to move from Parent and Baby Group to Playgroup.

Parent and Baby Group is a very special place of peace, nourishment and nurturing for babies, toddlers and parents alike.  It is a time of connection, sharing and support for you in this special time of your life. We look forward to getting to know you and your babies and toddlers during this time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school office on 9295 4787.


Do I need to bring my own food to Parent and Baby Group?

As we want this time in Parent and Baby Group to be a nurturing and relaxing experience for our new parents, you will not need to bring any food.  However, if you are finding it difficult for your toddler to wait until the meal is served, feel free to bring along a small healthful snack to keep them going.

If your baby hasn’t yet started solids, some of the softer foods can be mashed or feel free to bring your own.

I understand this is a non-denominational school and that religion is not taught, so why is there a blessing sung and a candle lit before the meal?

The answer lies in the words gratitude and reverence.

Steiner teachers consider the moral education of children to be one of their primary tasks. Rudolf Steiner asked that we sow the seeds of gratitude, love and duty and cultivate these three fundamental human virtues.

Children through the whole school say a blessing before each meal and this allows them to express reverence for the earth and her gifts.

The blessing sung at Silver Tree Parent and Baby Group:

Blessings on the blossoms, blessings on the roots;

Blessings on the leaves and stems and blessings on the fruits.

We look forward to welcoming you to Silver Tree Steiner School.

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