​Vision and Values

Vision and Values


To provide quality early childhood and primary education and care for children in the Perth Hills region, based on the pedagogy and indications given by Rudolf Steiner.


Silver Tree Steiner School provides a Steiner education from Early Childhood to Year 6, following the Australian Steiner Curriculum. Based on a deep understanding and respect for Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of pedagogy, children are immersed in a creative, enriching and wonder filled learning environment.  Children are inspired and guided towards becoming free thinking, socially responsible adults, with healthy connections to themselves, each other and the world.



We value respect between school community members in all communications and interactions. This fosters and reflects a sense of compassion and empathy towards each other and the natural world.

Love of Learning

We value a love of learning as an integral aspect of every child’s education. This honours each individual’s unique and authentic learning journey.


We value connection to self, to each other, to the natural environment and the world around us. From this we engender self-worth, enrich relationships and develop a deep appreciation of our place in this world.


We value creativity which is imbued in every aspect of teaching and learning. This allows imagination, reverence and wonder to live in each individual.