“I was aware that rhythm and structure was important in a child’s cognitive development, so when I found the Silver Tree playgroup, I knew it was worth us getting in the car every week! The structured session meant that Ren was secure in knowing what would come next.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the songs and nursery rhymes, and Ren’s favourite part was always making his own bread and then getting to eat it! Our playgroup leader would tell a beautiful story at the end using hand crafted puppets. Ren benefited greatly from our weekly sessions and the mums who were so welcoming on my first day are now life-long friends.”

– Kim, mum to Ren


The Silver Tree Steiner Playgroup is located within the beautiful bush setting of the Perth Hills. Our unique playgroup experience provides a peaceful and welcoming space whilst offering gentle and structured activities lead by trained and experienced Playgroup Leaders.

When children arrive at Playgroup, free play allows them to feel their way into a different environment, to cuddle a doll, build with some wooden blocks or play with a friend. During this time the children can explore the nooks and crannies of a special space they only visit once a week. This is also a time for parents to catch up with each other, to share news and experiences. We encourage all parents to try to arrive on time, as the flow of play can be disrupted with late arrivals. We also ask that you speak quietly and gently during this time so that the children are free to experience this special space for free play.

Soon we are ready to wash our hands and make our bread. The children enjoy playing with the dough and creating shapes, which we then mould together into a loaf to bake and share just before going home.

Circle time is a favourite part of the day, where we sing seasonal verses, songs and games. Within the form of the circle we create a balance between verses with lots of words and finger movements, songs with gentle rocking rhythms and more boisterous games such as curling up like a mouse and then breaking free to stretch up tall. This can be a challenging time for children, especially when they first come. If they aren’t taking part, don’t worry! It sometimes takes a while for the routine to become familiar to them. Sometimes the model of you sitting in the circle and joining in will be enough to encourage them to do the same. If not, a break outside and then returning to the circle may be all they need to help them enjoy this special time.

With morning tea comes a quieter time, with the lighting of a candle and the singing of a blessing. Seasonal and organic fruit is provided and if your child has any special dietary requirements, please let your Playgroup Leader know.

Children’s birthdays are celebrated at playgroup with a very special birthday story and a morning tea. We ask that each child’s parents bring in a cake or slice to share that is healthy and nutritious, free from artificial flavourings and colouring.

After morning tea, we go outside to play. This time is a wonderful opportunity for the children to breathe out. They can explore the cubby house, dig in the sandpit, do a little gardening or play on the swings or slide. This is also a good time for parents to chat, have a cuppa and ask the Playgroup Leader any questions. We also ask that parents take it in turn to do the dishes, and make sure the bread does not burn!

Story time flows on from the outside play. Please stay outside until your Playgroup Leader is ready. Tiptoe quietly (after removing shoes) into the story circle with your child, and relax on a cushion as the story candle is lit and the magical time of the story can begin.

Throughout the year, our playgroup families are invited to join with the Kindergarten children to celebrate the seasonal festivals and activities. This is lovely opportunity to connect with other families and experience the wonder and beauty of each celebration.

Places are offered to children from the age of 2 years and we find that once the children reach the age of 4, they are usually ready to move on from the playgroup environment. For this reason, parents are required to withdraw their child from playgroup at whichever of the following comes first:

  • The end of the term in which their child turns 4 or
  • The end of the term before their child starts Kindergarten at Silver Tree.

You are welcome to bring younger siblings, but we ask that you do not bring older siblings to playgroup.

For pregnant mums, babies and children under the age of 2, Silver Tree offers a Parents and Babies Group, which is held weekly in the Acacia Playgroup.

Playgroup is a very special place of peace, nourishment and nurturing for children and parents alike. We look forward to getting to know you and your child during this time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the Playgroup Leader or the school office.

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