School Structure

School Structure

Leadership of our school community is shared across three key groups – the Board, Leadership team and teaching faculty.

Teachers lead the delivery of the educational, cultural and pastoral program. Working collectively and collaboratively, they determine how the principles of Steiner Education will be incorporated in all aspects of our daily school routine.  Teachers determine how best to meet and serve the particular group of children in their care within the guidance of these agreed forms and shared practices.

The Leadership Team comprises three administrative roles – Head of School, Education Coordinator and Business Manager. They meet weekly or more often as required to ensure the school operates smoothly.

Each member of the Leadership Team gathers the pictures, questions and ideas that emanate from the area of the school they represent. The group then undertakes a collaborative process to identify and action what is needed to manifest these imaginations, solve the riddles or determine operational improvements.

The Head of School is ultimately responsible for the day-to-day management and administration and for implementing the strategic plan, annual operational plan and budget, and policies and procedures. The Head of School liaises between staff and the Board.

The Board is the governing body of Silver Tree Steiner School, ensuring the school delivers a quality education to students in a financially sustainable, legal and ethical manner. Its governance model enables clear separation between Board governance and operational management and administration matters. Board Members are voted in at the AGM. Positions are open to members of the wider community who can lend their skills and expertise to the school. When a vacancy occurs on a board, the Head of School
seeks nominations.