Easter Autumn Festival 2022

Our Annual Easter Autumn Festival at Silver Tree Steiner School, is a wonderful opportunity for our school community to come together and share many easter traditions, as well as being part of the spirit of giving.

It is a fun filled day where students and teachers together enjoy crafting, baking, storytelling and singing songs.

Throughout the week, in gardening class, the children excitedly harvest the crops they have been growing over summer, all in preparation for the Easter Festival, Food Mandala creation.


Food Mandala

Each class participates in creating a unique food mandala as part of the festival. Working from the centre out, class by class, they add their own unique layers to the mandala.

Once the large food mandala is finished, all students and staff gather to view the final creation. They sing songs around the mandala, give thanks and their blessings and the food is then packed up to be donated to a local charity called Midland Meals. The organisation cooks approximately 50 – 60 home cooked style meals, every night, for those people in need of a hot dinner.

Fun activities throughout the day

At the start of the Easter Festival day, the children get to cook some delicious hot cross buns in the classrooms, the smell of fruit and cinnamon wafts through the whole school, as children eagerly await their morning tea.

Each class is then invited to the school oval to enjoy the warm autumn sunshine and of course their freshly baked buns, slathered in butter.

Throughout the day the children engage in various craft activities and the all important food mandala starts to take shape.

Easter songs are sung, thanks are given and the food mandala is then packed up ready for delivering to Midland Meals.

Children always relish the opportunity to do something for other people and this exercise in particular, is one they really enjoy.


Happy Easter.