Winter FestivalPrimary Winter Festival

This Friday 24 June Primary children and their families will hold their Winter Festival.

As the weather forecast for tonight has remained unchanged, the primary winter festival will go ahead today at 11:30, instead of 5:30.

There will be no bonfire or lantern walk, but we will be singing and the children will walk the spiral.

You are welcome to join us at 11:30 and the children will finish the day at 3:15.

If the rain arrives before 11:30, then the festival will be postponed until next week.

Early Childhood Winter Festival

The Early Childhood Winter Festival is Thursday 30th June (NEXT WEEK). The Festival is split into two parts for Kindergarten.

Day Time Kindergarten Celebration
On the morning of Thursday 30th June the kindergarten will welcome all parents and grandparents to our kindergarten mid winter celebration. Following the day time celebration, all kindergarten children will go home to rest and prepare for the
whole of Early Childhood Festival that evening.

On that day and in preparation for this celebration, children will be carrying candles so ALL children MUST wear trousers, preferably natural fibres, cotton or wool, and have their hair securely tied or pinned back from their faces every day in the last week of term. No skirts or dresses, please. Thank you. Then, in the evening:

Early Childhood Winter Festival
All early childhood families (kindergarten and Playgroup) are invited and welcome. Please arrive at 5 p.m. if you are bringing a picnic or by no later than 5.30p.m if you plan to have eaten before you arrive. It is not a long festival and certainly one you won’t want to miss!

As with all festivals, the preparation for the festival is as important as the festival itself. So the making of a lantern together with your child is as important, if not more, than how perfect the lantern turns out. All lanterns look beautiful once it is dark and they are lit. Please slow down and take time over the next two weeks to make a lantern to use on the night. The Festival will go ahead in light rain.

If inclement weather is forecast a decision will be made when children are collected at lunch time on Thursday whether to continue with it as planned or cancel it. A notice will be placed on our school website if the festival is cancelled due to poor weather.

The winter festival and the lantern walk especially, are thrilling and exciting for your child. They are the culmination of a week of celebrations in kindergarten. Please make sure that they come to the Festival well fed and well rested and warmly dressed. It is for this reason that school will finish for all kindergarten children, including Rainbow children, at lunch time on that day.

Thank you,
Jo Blundell
Kindergarten Teacher