Our School Concert and Festival Play are held on our new school site this Friday at 5pm.

All children in the primary school are expected to attend. Everyone is welcome to watch the children perform and then stay for the Festival Play at 6.30pm.

The flyer and a map to the land is included in this edition of Silver Leaves but of course the journey to relocating our school on to our own land has not been as easy as following a map. Last week, I was told that when the school first moved onto our current site more than a decade ago, local authorities were displeased that appropriate permission had not been sought to run classes but because it was a temporary arrangement they would not object.

Many people, many plans and many initiatives have been involved in the dream of a permanent school and we are indebted to their resilience and faith. That long incubation created a space in which a plan could finally manifest which now allows us this wonderful chance to hold our first community gathering on the new site. The words at the end of The Two Flutes encapsulate the sense of beginning we are being offered:
The Friede Rose enters the scene and sings:
I stand in the midst of your joy
How fine the light grows in this place
Let all who are gathered find strength to employ
What lives in the heart as grace
The Friede Rose has come to stay
The Friede Rose has come to stay.

The new school site is a work in progress and I urge you to take care, especially of your children, when entering and leaving. Bring a torch if you have one, wear very warm clothes and enjoy all that we are given.

Bruce Lee
School Administrator

Please read: PDFicon 08/06/2011 Silver Leaves Edition 246