“You are the weaver of your family fabric, do not let the outside world try to weave your family fabric, do not give in to pressure in how to find the balance of living in the world”.

I recently read an article that used this quote and imparted healthy advice for everyone, like me, who struggle with balancing the demands and excitement of summer, the silly season and the expectations of extended family. It suggested that during Advent (the time of preparation for the coming of Christmas), being the weaver means being courageous and not being carried away by material excess and not imparting stress, exhaustion and loathing for this time of year on ourselves or our children.

Instead, take the opportunity to create a sense of wonder for this time of year by experiencing warmth, sharing, caring and giving, through an inner joy, healthy social engagement and celebration. If we see that every child is a divine love and light, a true ‘gift’ to their family and potentially the whole world, it confirms the higher ideal of what we celebrate at Christmas time.

-Bruce Lee

PDF 07/12/2010 Silver Leaves Edition 228