On the weekend, I struck up a conversation with a friend that was critical of a mutual acquaintance. The conversation was fairly mindless, meaning there was a lack of awareness or care of what was being said. Upon review, the comments made could be considered harmless but it reminded me of the concept of “weatherproofing”.

When it comes to a building, weatherproofing refers to being on the careful look out for what needs to be fixed or repaired. When it comes to partners, friends and our own children, weatherproofing refers to a habit of noticing and pointing out little quirks that could be improved upon. It can be very destructive.

As teachers, partners, parents and friends weatherproofing other people can easily become a critical way of looking at life but by bringing awareness to our words and thoughts, the potential remains to catch ourselves, to seal our lips and to enjoy life as it is, quirks included.

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