The Steiner Curriculum is the bedrock of Steiner Education.

The depth and thoroughness in which epochs of human development are covered – in a healthy, creative way – is a valuable gift we give children through this curriculum. It is not realistic to put that depth and the subtleties of delivering the curriculum into a catchy phrase, glossy picture or sound bite. Nothing of significance can be “sold” that way.

A metaphor for the quality of the Steiner curriculum can be seen in a comparison between a quality novel and magazine. When we read a novel it can be hard to “get into it” and takes some willpower and resilience to finish. The story is told over hundreds of pages and when it is complete you are left with a satisfied feeling, a sense that your soul has been touched and sometimes a touch of sadness at losing a good friend. A magazine on the other hand is a disposable commodity that fails if it doesn’t grab your attention quickly and it entertains you with superficial information. It can be flipped through without much effort and tossed aside without regret. It is unlikely to have touched you deeply of had an effect on your being.

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