Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the concert and festival play on Friday night.

The children shone! How they glowed. Well done. A class play, singing, violins, violas and cellos. A great mix of music and drama. A treat for us all. Thank you to all the children’s teachers for their love, care and dedication and thank you to parents who support their children so much.

The cast of The Two Flutes had a very special time presenting the play to our community and the energy and gratitude they received from the audience was a generous gift. I hope we are all strengthened by such a lovely night.

Thank you to all the people who contributed to the festival. The P&F marquee full of food and hot drinks, the decorative flags of welcome, the security bunting, the carpets on the floor, the steps to the stage, the lighting and the sound system, the parking officers, signage on the roads and all the other bits and pieces that were done for the night were done by community members with grace and kindness. Thank you so much.

The grass trees were trimmed and moved on Saturday morning. A great response to the call to help.

Thank you to all the people helping to relocate the school. All your help is much appreciated.

Bruce Lee
School Administrator

Please read: PDFicon 15/06/2011 Silver Leaves Edition 247