Sponsor a Tree
In this edition of Silver Leaves, we are seeking your support for the new school by sponsoring a tree or trees. A huge amount of work has gone into planning the school landscape including the variety of trees that will be planted and their location. Thank you so much to Kim Holland and Karen Brown for their work with this.

You are urged to get behind this initiative and sponsor a tree as soon as possible so that planting can occur while the weather is still cool. It is envisaged that each sponsors’ trees will be recognised in some way and it is a meaningful, physical way to be a part of the growing school.

Conversing with care
Could all adults be mindful of the content and tone of conversations they have on school grounds where young impressionable children abound. School should be a sanctuary for our children away from adult issues and conflicts.

Winter Festival
This Friday night the primary school Winter Festival will commence at 5.30pm. This festival provides a reverent entering into the winter mood of inner reflection. School finishes early on Friday at 12.30pm, primary children return at 5:15pm for a 5.30pm start.

Bruce Lee
School Administrator

Please read: PDFicon 22/06/2011 Silver Leaves Edition 248